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Preserving a legacy 

This website has been created to celebrate the life and work of impressionist-style artist Matt Bruce, who died in 2000 at the age of 84.

It is intended to allow the many who were either taught by him or own examples of his enduring art to share their common interest. They should find much to enjoy within the Gallery pages, which will have the added bonus of introducing his work to a whole new audience.

The Matt Bruce Memorial Award was introduced in 2002 and has become an integral feature of the RI’s spring show at the Mall Galleries. Its raison d’etre and details of the worthy winners to date can be found on the appropriate page.

Reflecting on the website, Matt’s son Gordon Bruce said: “Though I was aware of my father’s teaching prowess and the joy his own work brought to art lovers around the world, it wasn’t until he died that I realised quite how profound an effect he had had on those lucky enough to be influenced by him – either in the classroom or via his paintings. I hope this site can serve as a platform by which we can all continue to remember the man and his work and preserve his legacy for the enjoyment of future generations.”

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